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Corporate Social Responsibility

Atalian Servest Limited recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. We are committed to understanding, monitoring and managing our social, environmental and economic actions.

The Atalian Servest Approach

We integrate good business practices across all our operations which are fundamental to the continued success of Atalian Servest and support the strategic aims of our customers.

Our Corporate Values provide a framework of our responsibilities which help us to manage risks, capitalise on opportunities and act responsibly in our relationships with our suppliers, customers and colleagues. These Corporate Values include, Entrepreneurship, Integrity, Sustainable Development, Agility and Simplicity, from these Five Corporate Values has evolved a strategic imperative that focusses on Four Corporate Social Responsibility Themes: People, Environmental Sustainability, Supply Chain Ethics and Charity and Community

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Atalian Servest recognises the role it must play in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have aligned our business practices to support a number of the SDGs.

We have incorporated the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact not our business practices and strive to operate in a way that supports fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.  UN Global Compact and the value system and principles-based approach to doing business.

Read on to explore how Atalian Servest UK embodies the Corporate Values and has committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility Themes.


Supply chain

Modern Slavery



CSR Summary




Subscribing to the notion that people are at the heart of any business, as a company Atalian Servest strives to be an employer of choice and to support a motivated workforce.

To achieve this, the UK business places a great emphasis on the diversity, health, safety and development of its people.

Diversity and Inclusion

Commitment to creating an honest and respectful workforce is achieved through a top down approach, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are spearheaded by the UK Board Members with each member personally taking on one of nine Diversity and Inclusion topics that includes; Gender Equality, Ethnicity and Race, Religious Freedom, Disability Inclusion, Socioeconomic Status, Age Discrimination, LGBT+ Representation, Mental Health Awareness and Nationality.

At Atalian Servest our colleagues are the heart of the organisation, to ensure all colleagues can work comfortably and to the best of their abilities without stigma or harassment we are committed to all aspects of Diversity and Inclusion. We are committed to providing equal opportunities throughout the organisation and eliminate discrimination both in employment and against customers. All colleagues are governed by our Equal Opportunities Policy, fully complying with the Equalities Act 2010. The separate Dignity at Work Policy allows colleagues to work in a safe and harassment free workplace.

Diversity at Servest

Health & Safety

Placing a great emphasis on education, trying to eradicate the culture of health and safety simply as a ‘process’ which must be adhered to, and embed a culture of understanding.


When it comes to our commitment to Health and Safety, we believe it is not just about abating the incidences of work-related accidents and illness, instead we believe Health and Safety enhances the quality of our service and morale of our colleagues. In addition to providing a safe and well managed work environment with suitable reporting procedures we have committed to supporting the mental health and general wellbeing of our colleagues.


Atalian Servest understands that as a business its operation impacts on the world around us.

Taking steps to try and reduce this, activities to measure and minimise environmental impacts are conducted within the framework of the UK group’s ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System (EMS).

Environmental Sustainability

The UK business continually measures consumption of a number of natural resources.

Protecting the environment in which we live is one of our key responsibilities and influences every aspect of operations, highlighted by our ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation. We aim to tackle both plastic and food waste, reduce hazardous chemical use and lessen energy use and GHG emissions. Environmental Sustainability is embodied in everything we do in all actions and all future decisions.

Environmental impact Servest

Energy and Emissions

Responding to the global effort towards a more emission conscious and energy efficient world Atalian Servest has taken a committed approach to the responsibilities of corporate energy consumption. We monitor greenhouse gas emissions from Scope 1 and Scope 2 activities in line with the DEFRA protocol on emissions reporting.

Our management of energy and emissions in continually monitored and improved based on the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard we hold. ISO 50001 provides the framework upon which we develop our energy efficiency policies, create targets and use data to understand and review the continual improvements we make to operational functions.

Recognising that our fleet accounts for the largest proportion of our emissions impact we have taken to seeking out efficient and innovative ways to mitigate our fleet’s carbon footprint. Initiatives are already in place which use telematics to monitor and improve fleet safety and driving efficiency, fleet management systems such as telematics have been proven to significantly reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and preventable unsafe driving which creates a safer and more environmentally friendly fleet of drivers. Measures have also been taken to train drivers which have been monitored to frequently drive in a manner which is either unsafe or inefficient and restrict the vehicle banding available to colleagues in an effort to further reduce emissions, by encouraging the use of more fuel efficient vehicles based on the latest European Emissions Standards.

Given the rising costs, both environmentally and financially, of fossil fuels we have taken steps into renewable energy for both our offices and fleet. Electric Vehicles have been successfully introduced at several client sites and part of our Scotland estate runs on solar energy. It is our ultimate intent, given the successful introduction of alternative energies and energy management, that our actions may have a favourable influence on our environment without compromising the high standards of efficacy in our operations and management.

Supply Chain

Atalian Servest recognises the responsibility it shares with suppliers to buy goods and services and deliver services in an ethical manner.

The business want’s its customers to be confident that the individuals who produce its products are treated fairly, with respect for human rights and are not exposed to unsafe working conditions.

We believe that when ethical standards are in place, improvements can be made to worker wellbeing, productivity and quality, which benefits both our suppliers and our customers.

Supply Chain Ethics

The company requires its suppliers to subscribe to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and therefore only trades with companies that abide by its base code.

The company requires its suppliers to subscribe to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and therefore only trades with companies that abide by its base code.

These principles include, providing the minimum wage, standing against forced and child labour, ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions and ensuring no discrimination, harsh or inhumane treatment on employees is practiced.

The UK group also employs tactics that in turn support its suppliers and help safeguard working conditions. For example, they aim to give suppliers clear and predictable lead times, making it easier for them to ensure its employees work reasonable hours. Moreover, as a minimum they make sure they pay suppliers a price that allows them to pay their workers a wage that they can afford to live on.

The company has partnered with uniform suppliers to supply durable, ethical and high-quality uniforms to its employees. All of its branded products are produced in line with the Modern Slavery Act (WRAP) and hold ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditation’s, committing it to environmentally friendly practices.

CIPS Corporate Ethical Register

Atalian Servest is one of only 59 companies worldwide to achieve the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Corporate Ethical Mark, an accreditation the business has now held for three consecutive years.

The CIPS Corporate Ethical Mark is in recognition of our commitment to reinforcing ethical values across all procurement and supply practices. The CIPS Corporate Code of Ethics is founded on four pillars: accountability, ethical practice, professionalism and understanding, and commitment.

The company has received recognition for the proactive steps taken to ensure its entire procurement team has been trained in ethical sourcing supply management and it is now in the process of implementing a corporate code of ethics that promotes sustainability and responsibility.

Modern Slavery

To ensure its employees and suppliers work in safe, fair and legal conditions, Atalian Servest is committed to a proactive plan to make certain that human trafficking and modern slavery are not present in any part of the business or its supply chain.

Tackling Modern Slavery

Throughout the last twelve months, the company has placed great emphasis on how the risk of modern slavery is analysed within its supply chain to gain a greater understanding of where possible risks may still be present.

Our modern slavery working group, including members of our Legal, Corporate Responsibility, Procurement, Risk and Compliance and Human Resources functions, continue to develop due diligence processes and audits. The working group is also responsible for overseeing our progress towards tackling modern slavery and are the driving force for change within Atalian Servest.

Internally we have a number of number of policies in place and carry out due diligence checks within Human Resources, Procurement and operations. We also carry out modern slavery awareness training through inductions and have a comprehensive training course.