Corporate Social Responsibility

Atalian Servest in the UK engages in the continuous process of ensuring its people, customers and partners benefit from an integrated approach to managing environmental, health and safety, colleague, community and ethical issues completely and transparently.

The Atalian Servest Approach

Underpinning everything we do.

Here at Atalian Servest in the UK, we strive to conduct business in a way that is both ethical and professional and that also supports the strategic aims of our customers. Through discussion with internal and external stakeholders, we have identified four key areas of focus for CSR. These four pillars of CSR are where the business believes it can make the biggest impact – people, the environment, communities and supply chain.

Read on to find out more about each of these areas, the UK group’s current commitments and our plans for the future.




Supply chain

Modern Slavery



CSR Summary




Subscribing to the notion that people are at the heart of any business, Atalian Servest strives to be an employer of choice and to support a motivated workforce.

To achieve this, we place great emphasis on the diversity, health, safety and development of our people.


Diversity and Inclusion are integral to the future of our business as we drive positive change within Atalian Servest and the wider Facilities Management industry.

We are proud to introduce CHROMA, our platform to drive and enhance our Diversity and Inclusion agenda. CHROMA is made up of three networks, which are formed by colleagues who want to influence and shape our approach to Diversity and Inclusion. The networks are open to all colleagues. You do not need to identify personally with the network topic, but you must be passionate about driving change.

Atalian Servest believes that to make real and positive change, inclusion must be at the centre of everything we do. We want our colleagues to feel valued, included and able to reach and exceed their potential, no matter their background. We also want our clients to consistently receive an inclusive and accessible service.

Find out more about CHROMA

Health & Safety

Placing a great emphasis on education, trying to eradicate the culture of health and safety simply as a ‘process’ which must be adhered to, and embed a culture of understanding.

The UK group adopts a proactive approach that seeks to continuously improve health and safety culture and provision. We at Atalian Servest in the UK place a great emphasis on education, creating a more holistic approach to health and safety, and embedding a culture of understanding. This involves colleagues understanding the consequences of their actions, or inaction, and demonstrating the effects this can have on their own wellbeing, or that of others.

As a rapidly growing company, Atalian Servest is continually assimilating new colleagues into the company culture. Impressing upon them the importance of safe working practices is our highest priority.

Learning & Development

At Atalian Servest we believe that to maintain a highly motivated workforce, our colleagues must be given the opportunity to advance their careers.

Opportunity is our learning and development division and offers our colleagues the chance to gain qualifications across the business landscape in:
• Administration
• Leadership and Management
• English and Maths
• Customer Service
• Sector specific courses such as Food Hygiene and our Cleaning Academy

We are constantly blending the most effective training content in terms of what works in the real world and designing and repackaging it in a way that makes the most out of today’s technology. We adapt our service to account for current work and lifestyle patterns and offer flexible ways of learning.


Atalian Servest understands that as a business its operation impacts on the world around us.

Taking steps to try and reduce this, activities to measure and minimise environmental impacts are conducted within the framework of the UK group’s ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System (EMS).

Environmental Impact

The UK business continually measures consumption of our natural resources.

Understanding that our fleet accounts for the largest proportion of its environmental impact, we are continually seeking ways to reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions. Steps we have already taken include modifying the vehicle banding that restricts colleagues to lower emission, more fuel-efficient vehicles and the latest European Emissions Standards. This proactive approach has reduced fuel consumption and emissions over the last two years. Other resource consumption such as paper is also recorded within the businesses EMS.

Atalian Servest’s reporting approach in the UK follows the GHG Protocol on the measurement and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Management

The UK business takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously, and activities to measure and minimise environmental impacts are conducted within the framework of the businesses ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System (EMS).

Our approach commits us to continual environmental improvement of all activities and the prevention of pollution, and states that we will ‘work with suppliers and customers both existing and new to adopt practices that minimise impact on the environment’. Where identified, actions for improvement are implemented, monitored and recorded.

Supply Chain

The company recognises the responsibility it shares with suppliers to buy goods and services, and deliver services in an ethical manner.

The UK group wants its customers to be confident that the individuals who make its products are treated fairly, respecting their human rights and not exposing them to unsafe working conditions.

The business believes that, when ethical standards are in place, improvements can be made to worker wellbeing, productivity and quality, benefitting our suppliers and customers alike.

Supply Chain Ethics

We requires our suppliers to subscribe to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and only trade with companies that abide by its base code.

These principles include: providing the minimum wage, standing against forced and child labour, ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions and ensuring no discrimination, harsh or inhumane treatment on employees is practiced.

The UK group also employs tactics that in turn support its suppliers and help safeguard working conditions. For example, we aim to give suppliers clear and predictable lead times, making it easier for them to ensure its employees work reasonable hours. Moreover, as a minimum, we make sure they pay suppliers a price that allows them to pay their workers a wage that they can afford to live on.

The company has partnered with uniform suppliers to supply durable, ethical and high-quality cleaning uniforms to its employees. All of our branded products are produced in line with the Modern Slavery Act (WRAP) and our suppliers hold ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditations, committing them to environmentally friendly practices.

CIPS Corporate Ethical Register

Our global procurement team has been awarded the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) Corporate Ethical Mark – one of only 50 companies worldwide to achieve the accreditation.

The accreditation demonstrates commitment to integrity in supply management practices through the training and development of Atalian procurement professionals to a high ethical standard, in addition to the adoption of the CIPS Code of Ethics.

Atalian Servest is currently one of only 50 companies globally listed on the CIPS Corporate Ethical Register. We have received recognition for the proactive steps taken to ensure our entire procurement team has been trained in ethical sourcing supply management and we’re now in the process of implementing a corporate code of ethics that promotes sustainability and responsibility.

Modern Slavery

To ensure our employees and suppliers work in safe, fair and legal conditions, Atalian Servest is committed to a proactive plan to make certain that human trafficking and modern slavery are not present in any part of the business or its supply chain.

Tackling Modern Slavery

The company has placed great emphasis on how the risk of modern slavery is analysed within our supply chain to gain a greater understanding of where possible risks may still be present.

To improve awareness, the UK group has significantly invested in training to ensure our employees and stakeholders have the necessary skills to identify the risks and signs of modern slavery.

Building upon the progress made so far, we have created a Modern Slavery working group that includes members of the legal, corporate responsibility, procurement, risk and compliance and human resources functions. The working group is responsible for overseeing progress towards tackling modern slavery and is the driving force for change.

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