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At Atalian Servest we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all colleagues, suppliers, clients and visitors. This is achieved by ensuring that all employees are provided with the information, training and supervision they need to perform their job in a safe manner.

Health and safety is an integral part of the Atalian Servest business.

Atalian Servest takes Health & Safety very seriously and all its operations are delivered within the framework of an OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management system. Atalian Servest is a member of RoSPA and the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), CHAS, Constructionline, SafeContractor and ContractorPlus. With Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and SafeContractor accreditation this allows membership of the Safety Systems in Procurement (SSiP) forum, under ‘deemed to satisfy’ arrangements.

Atalian Servest adopts an approach that seeks to continuously improve its health and safety culture and provision. It places a great emphasis on education, trying to eradicate the culture of health and safety simply as a ‘process’ which must be adhered to, and to embed a culture of understanding. This involves employees understanding the consequences of their actions, or of inaction, and demonstrating the effects this can have on their own wellbeing, or that of other stakeholders. As a rapidly growing company Atalian Servest are continually assimilating new staff into the company culture, and impressing upon them the importance of safe working practices is the highest priority for the QHSE team.

AIRLine Reporting Line

Atalian Servest has a well-developed accident and incident reporting process, and a commitment to continual improvement through applying lessons learnt.

The AIRline allows reporting of all occurrences via a free telephone number. The system is designed to ensure all reportable accidents are reported and recorded by improving internal processes. The relevant forms are filled in by the health and safety trained staff taking the report, which increases the chance of the report being completed accurately. The reports given over the AIRLine are electronically recorded, replacing some paper forms (though site accidents books remain in place) supporting rapid distribution and safer storage of data. When electronic reports are forwarded to Atalian Servest’s QHSE department, they will report the incident to the relevant enforcing as required by law. AIRLine also gives users a single number to report all accidents and incidents.

To report an accident or incident please click here.

Successful health and safety initiatives

Atalian Servest has a number of ongoing health and safety initiatives, which include adding a Quality, Health & Safety and Environment (QHSE) supplement to a revised employee handbook, health and safety training, a consultation process an awareness campaign and a new accident and incident reporting channel.

E-Learning Platform

Atalian Servest has partnered with Safety Media Ltd a leading Health and Safety training business. The operational management teams, including those who are dedicated to site based services, have 24/7 access to over 100 courses. The cloud based system delivers interactive courses with competency assessment tests at the end of each course. The majority of the courses are verified and accredited by RoSPA and credits can be gained towards the CPD scheme. Mandatory training and skills can be delivered in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner and  colleagues are able to learn at their own pace in additional areas to allow them to take control over their career development.

Always Be Careful (ABC) campaign

Atalian Servest has launched a poster and email health and safety awareness campaign which was communicated through a concerted campaign of training, backed up with email flyers and posters.

Employee handbook QHSE supplement

Atalian Servest has recently reviewed and updated the QHSE supplement to the Employee Handbook to ensure each employee receives relevant information to their role.
The handbook includes details of the company standards expected for tasks such as work at height arrangements, personal safety and use of signage. This content will be provided to employees in a number of formats which include as an e-book and hard copy and will be rolled out to all staff via line managers to ensure employee understanding. This roll out will be supported by additional manager resources, toolbox talks and employee acknowledgement slips which confirm that they have received and read the new QHSE supplement.

Health and safety training

A programme of additional health and safety training aimed at site managers, supervisors and area managers (and above) is currently being rolled out across the business. The intention is that all site managers and team supervisors will undertake an IOSH Working Safely (1 day) health and safety awareness course, whilst all area managers and above will take the 4 day IOSH Managing Safely course.

Supervisor Academy

Atalian Servest launched its first Supervisor Academy for a highly successful retail and distribution contract. We are now the top performing cleaning contractor working for this company and the Supervisor Academy has contributed to that success.
The syllabus has a strong health and safety element, concentrating on the need to report all incidents and accidents, Atalian Servest’s new Accident/Incident Reporting Line (AIRLine), when an accident becomes subject to RIDDOR and what that entails, and the role of QHSE in auditing. The initiative has recently been extended and Atalian Servest is evaluating its implementation in corporate and public sector contracts.

Targeted QHSE Awareness Sessions

As part of the Always Be Careful campaign Atalian Servest is undertaking a program of QHSE Awareness Sessions to targeted employee audiences. Small group sessions are led by the QHSE management team and the relevant operational managers for the business unit. These sessions may be based on local or divisional accident reduction initiatives, client requirements, or form part of an ongoing commitment to drive forward the QHSE culture of the business.

Encouraging reporting

Over two years ago the company started an initiative to ensure that all accidents, incidents and near misses were reported through the proper channels and recorded. Initially this was done in the context of health and safety inductions, refresher training and ‘toolbox talks,’ where greater emphasis was placed on encouraging operatives and managers to report everything, so that QHSE could record all incidents, and make an informed decision as to which ones were reportable incidents under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR). This resulted in a rise in the number of reports, but this is seen as positive by Atalian Servest, as it means the duty to report is being better discharged. It does not mean there are more incidents, only that awareness of them is raised, as should be the case. This initial process led directly to the ABC campaign and introduction of the reporting line.

Employee engagement forums and QHSE Committees

At Atalian Servest we believe that key to obtaining the optimum safety culture is engagement with employees in the field. Regular staff forums and committees are held which are made up of staff from across the spectrum of the business from apprentice to operative to director. The frequency depends on the contract and the working environment; for example, there are likely to be more health and safety issues in a busy distribution centre with vehicular traffic and machinery than in an office environment where very little change occurs. These forums allow an opportunity for all participants to contribute to the business direction and act as champions to the wider business.


Health and Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

The company’s written health and safety policy is reviewed and updated annually, in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 management system and accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) the world’s foremost standards authority.

Resources and training are provided to support compliance to legal and other requirements relating to the health and safety management system. Implementation of procedures and policies is the responsibility of Group Risk & Compliance Director supported by the QHSE team who have subject matter expertise in each of the sectors worked in by Atalian Servest.

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