Sean Fisher

Chief Operating Officer, UK & Ireland

Sean has been with Atalian Servest for seventeen years since arriving in the UK from his native South Africa and is one of our ‘home grown’ success stories. He started work with us as Site Manager at a nightclub in Sheffield and has progressed to become the Chief Operating Officer for the UK & Ireland.


Sean lists one of his greatest achievements as helping grow the retail business from £5 million when he started to just over £100 million. He notes that learning how the retail sector operates can be utilised in different areas of the business. Sean believes the company needs to ensure the business model adapts to the requirements of ever changing customer markets.


Calm under pressure and decisive, Sean is meticulous in ensuring all Atalian Servest’s customers receive the highest level of service.


To be instrumental in expanding our service offering to our customer base, and acquiring new customers by virtue of our outstanding reputation.

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