Welcome to Angel Hill

Atalian Servest’s dedicated team of food lovers and can-doers, who are on a mission to serve you and your team with inventive, exceptional food.

You'll find them busy crafting contemporary, original catering offers for businesses just like yours. By letting you do the talking, it is easier to find out what you need and want, and just as importantly, what won’t work for you. The team can then get on with creating a catering service that is made for you, and only you.

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Food Philosophy

Let the Food Speak

We've got used to having all sorts of fruit and vegetables all year round, packed up not yet ripe and flown across the world to meet demand. Though for food to taste its best, Angel Hill believes it should be local and in season. The Angel Hill chef team choose seasonal, farm-fresh ingredients to create great tasting menus. Summer berries, slow-roasted spring lamb and winter-warmer root vegetables – what could sound, and taste, better?


Exclusive Artisan Coffee Brand

Groundhouse, Sevest’s artisan coffee brand, was conceived as a way to bring some of the excitement and quality of independent coffee houses into the workplace. Groundhouse baristas all complete a specialist training programme, before they can serve you with small-batch, slow roasted coffee. At the Barista Academy they're taught how to create aromatic espressos and how to blend beautiful long drinks - an experience that will surely liven up the working day.

Producing outstanding coffee is an art, it takes time. The coffee cherry (yes, really) can take six months to be harvested, processed and shipped. This care and attention is a vital part of ensuring great tasting coffee, and this care is also extended to the farmers, through Fairtrade certification and our Give Back Programme.

Learning & Development

Passionate about People

The Angel Hill team is really your team and to ensure they offer a great service and delicious food, they will receive loads of support and access to fantastic training opportunities.

Culinary Classroom

A 10-month programme to sharpen up the craft cooking abilities and wider management skills of aspiring head chefs, with each session delivered by an expert in that field.

Food Heroes

An ILM-accredited course with a focus on craft skills, for inventive chefs who want to push themselves and drive innovation throughout the business.

Servest Street

An online learning portal that gives every member of the Atalian Servest team access to a wide range of training modules and courses. From mandatory health and safety training to optional development programmes and everything in between.

Why Choose Us?

Committed to Success

The Angel Hill team are committed to you and to the success of the contract. They are dedicated to delivering on their promises and ensuring you get the service that is right for you, and will always go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. They are so confident that you will love the service that the first year management fee will be refunded if they don’t live up to their promises.