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Apprenticeships. A fresh approach to learning and development.

Blog by Jamie Canter, Hidden Talent Manager

Since the introduction of the Government’s new apprenticeship levy in April 2017, here at Servest we’ve been able to take a fresh look at how we can promote the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship. With over 25,000 colleagues working across the UK at Servest, it’s especially important that we develop and implement aspirational development opportunities that not only attract the next generation of talent, but also enable current colleagues to flourish. Apprenticeships are for everybody, and here at Servest we’re working hard to make our colleagues aware of the fantastic prospects available to them.


The apprenticeship levy

The apprenticeship levy represents a real opportunity for companies in the UK to take control and invest in how they attract and develop talent. Intended to promote apprenticeships in general and allow employers to take more responsibility for their apprentice’s development, as well as help the government reach three million apprenticeships by 2020. Its other goal is to increase the range of training programmes available to help fill skill gaps across the country.

The levy gives employers the scope to develop bespoke training opportunities, making it easier to equip colleagues with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their job roles. More than ever, employers now have options to proactively seek out and nurture the best available talent, tailored to what their business needs.


More choice than ever

With the new levy, there are hundreds of apprenticeship programmes to choose from, ranging from intermediate (L2) and advanced (L3) programmes, to foundation degrees and above (L4 – L7). The wealth of choice means there are frameworks and standards in place covering nearly every job role. Aimed at both young people entering work for the first time and those already in work, companies can look to train their existing teams, as well as offer genuinely exciting and promising careers to new people.

Over the coming years, it’s expected that businesses will utilise the levy to attract top talent by setting out clear and defined strategies for apprenticeships. It will cover techniques on nurturing talent and enabling progression, as well as plans to retain the best apprentices once they have completed their training programmes.


Degree apprenticeships

The L6 – L7 degree apprenticeship programmes have opened up apprenticeships to a wider group of people. With the support from employers to complete a full bachelor’s or master’s degree during working hours, students of any age are able to commit to a programme of higher learning whilst remaining in full-time employment. Degree apprenticeships truly embody the spirit of earning whilst learning. They are a genuine alternative to studying full time at university, giving people exciting opportunities to discover a training programme which will serve them best in furthering their careers.

Designed hand-in-hand with employers, the degree apprenticeship combines part-time study at a university or a college with the rest of the time being spent at work. Depending on the level of the course chosen, degrees can be achieved within three to six years, and upon graduation, the apprentice will have gained a full qualification without the burden of debt.


Everyone wins

The great thing about the apprenticeship levy is that everyone benefits. By attracting new and upskilling existing talent, organisations can not only improve the efficiency and capability of their colleagues, but also can make great strides in motivating them by supporting their professional development. Investing in people is one of simplest and best ways to build a loyal, engaged and highly skilled team.

At Servest, we’re passionate about making the most of the levy and have over 60 different apprenticeships on offer, from leadership and business administration to facilities management and hospitality. If you’d like to explore a future with Servest, discover more about our Hidden Talent programme and apprenticeship opportunities.

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