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Atalian Servest Food Co commits to reducing single-use plastics

By 10th January 2019News

Atalian Servest Group’s specialist B&I catering division, Angel Hill Food Co has committed to removing single-use plastics, kick-starting the initiative with two of its largest sites.

The global facilities management specialist is on a mission to remove all single-use plastic disposables from its operation across central government estate contracts. To achieve this, the business is rolling out a three-phase approach to remove single-use plastic disposables from its operation at these sites by 2020.

The three-phase plan will span two years, with the first phase seeing Angel Hill switching plastic cutlery and takeaway containers to fully compostable alternatives, of which one of the pilot clients currently uses over 194,000 each year. Phases two and three involve the business replacing bottled drinks with canned alternatives, changing the way it serves condiments and looking at a scheme to reduce single-use coffee cups. This will see over 300,000 single-use plastics removed.

In addition, the largest catering contract for Atalian Servest, a government department, has already seen all single-use plastics removed and the adoption of their fully compostable packaging in its ‘brand in a box’ range.

Henry Watts, MD of catering at Atalian Servest said: “We are proud to launch this initiative and showcase our commitment. I’m so pleased that we have our customers full support on this matter. Our combined efforts to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing the consumption of single use plastics means we are taking a step in the right direction and we will continue to learn, develop and create best practice solutions as we progress with this.

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