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Atalian Servest hosts Public Sector Roundtable

By 13th December 2021News
Public Sector Roundtable

While many companies are looking for ways to cut costs in the current economic climate, COP26 has shone a spotlight on the need to invest in adapting properties to meet critical net zero goals, one report suggesting that building operations account for 28 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

At the same time, COVID-19 has forced organisations to look at how they can use their offices in smarter ways, enabling properties to enhance company cultures, foster collaboration, promote wellbeing and support hybrid working.

An imperative to attract and retain the best talent also feeds into the need for office-based investment, with modern commercial properties acting as enticing assets.

Supporting a number of clients’ property strategies in recent years prompted Atalian Servest to host a roundtable, with a cross-section of our key clients citing the four main challenges below:

  1.  Reducing operating costs;
  2.  Meeting net zero commitments;
  3.  Adjusting to the implications of Covid-19; and
  4.  Using buildings to help attract and retain key talent

Matt Chapman, Chief Marketing & Development Officer has shared our insights with Facilitate Magazine and how as a leading FM provider, we have been supporting our clients in overcoming these challenges.

You can read the full article here.

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