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Barratts Developments plc

By 12th April 2016Case Studies

What was our client looking for?

Barratt Developments plc were looking for someone to manage their security services. They wanted an effective, low cost temporary security solution.

How did we help?

Successfully deterred intruders

Our HireWatch CCTV solution has been installed across a number of sites across the UK and has successfully deterred intruders on several occasions.

24/7 security communications centre

HireWatch was installed with motion detectors and alarms which are transmitted back to our 24/7 state of the art security communications centre in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. If an intruder enters a Barratt site they are immediately recorded on our CCTV and one of our communication operators will then issue them with an audio warning to leave the site immediately and if they don’t the police will be alerted.

Meeting real client demand

Our HireWatch model delivers an innovative solution, meeting real client demand, using the highest quality cameras, detectors and routers available. No other comparable solution uses such high specification, up-to-date technology, and will deliver a clear, sharp picture even in absolute darkness.

Perfect for temporary sites

The system is perfect for temporary sites since it can be self-powered with a lithium battery or there’s a solar power option, making it a suitable solution for Barratt Development plc.

The results

Reducing crime and saving money

Our HireWatch CCTV solution has been hugely successful at reducing and preventing crime and saving Barratt Development plc money. We have saved Barratt an estimated £4,000 a month which is a vast saving considering the effectiveness of our CCTV solution.

Added value

Highly effective and efficient

It is not a case of saving money at the expense of effectiveness. Numerous incident reports across our HireWatch clients shows evidence of the system effectively deterring potential criminal activity.

“Servest continues to work with Barratt to swiftly deploy the HireWatch solution across Barratt sites as necessary. The solution has already proven effective at deterring and preventing crime, and is extremely cost-effective.”

Jon Walker, Group Procurement Manager, Barratt Developments plc

Support with you at the centre.

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