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Beau Rothwell – HR Shared Services Manager


Before Servest, Beau worked at a building materials and construction solutions company for twelve years. Starting as an administrator and then working in various roles, gave her the experience that led to being promoted to distribution supervisor. Whilst there, Beau gained experience in providing great customer service, something she is still passionate about to this day.


Beau joined Servest in 2012 as a customer service supervisor, after a colleague who had joined the company six months prior introduced her to the world of Servest. Influenced by her colleague’s enthusiasm and passion, alongside Servest’s commitment to invest in its employees, Beau decided to join the Servest family. In 2014, after two years in her role, Beau was promoted to customer services manager, proving Servest’s dedication to develop its employees.

When the decision was made to move the customer service function from Bury St. Edmunds, Beau seized the opportunity to move across to the shared services team. In this new role, Beau thrived and earned a promotion to HR shared services manager.


Beau is excited to start working strategically with the people services teams to help promote the available services and ensure that an outstanding level of support is consistently delivered. She sees herself continuing to support her team, giving them the best opportunities to flourish.

“Servest is such a fast moving, exciting and innovative place, there is always something new to get involved in and always an opportunity to make a difference.”

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