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Bill Burroughs – Regional Operations Manager

Before Servest

Prior to Servest, Bill spent twelve years at a well-known supermarket distribution centre, starting as a picker. After impressing in this role, he was promoted to a trainer and then worked his way up to be a line manager. Looking to progress further, Bill moved over to the external facilities team where he took the role of a manager, which allowed him to provide a better level of service and develop his managerial skills.

Servest Journey so Far

In 2011, Bill joined the Servest team as part of the TUPE process. On first impressions, Bill was impressed with how the company was colleague focused, sensing that there was a real opportunity to grow his skills and knowledge. During his time at Servest, Bill has flourished and though his hard work and dedication is now a regional operations manager.

Since joining Servest seven years ago, Bill has helped to shape the logistics and manufacturing offering to what it is today. The guidance his managers and colleagues have given him has provided Bill with the confidence to excel.

Looking to the future

Having just started a new role, Bill is looking forward to the challenges that it will hold, preparing to push himself out of his comfort zone. Bill hopes to challenge himself further and make the most out of the great opportunities at Atalian Servest.

“Servest has given me a platform to really spread my wings and make a career out of something I love.” – Bill

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