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Bill Gray – Retail Senior Area Manager


Bill began his Servest journey as part of a Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) after a Servest contract win. Bill arrived to meet the new management with a touch of trepidation, as anyone would when starting what felt like a new job. However this apprehension didn’t last long, as the informative induction and meeting of the Servest family quickly quashed any concerns he had.


Bill’s first year was very fast paced, one of his first tasks was to restructure and strengthen the team, which he embraced and successfully completed. It was the culture of Servest that impressed Bill the most, he quickly found that everyone, all the way up to the senior management team, were willing to help out when the occasion called for it. One particular example that stood out for Bill, was when the senior management team helped to ensure a store clean was complete in time for its opening.


Bill enjoys the challenges that come with his region, which includes the Scottish Islands as well as the North East of England and finds the support of his team instrumental. Having been a part of Servest for a number of years, Bill is now a true advocate of Servest and the company’s values. Bill recalls that when he started, he was told that “you will get out what you put in” and that “hard work is recognised and rewarded”. This is something that has proved true for Bill and in keeping with this, he has empowered his team to make decisions, which has meant the whole team has flourished.


Bill is sure his future is at Servest and explains that “the next challenge is on the horizon, but I feel assured of a bright future working alongside an award winning team.”

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