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Sustainability Issues in Cleaning

By 29th October 2021Blog

Climate change, waste, reduction, energy savings, water conservation – what are today’s most pressing sustainability issues?

Johan Venter, Atalian Servest’s Managing Director for cleaning, recently spoke to the European Cleaning Journal about tackling sustainability issues that we face in the world today. Some of his comments are available below.


Climate Change

Climate change will dictate the future for all of us. At Atalian Servest we are committed to reducing the impact of our business operations on the ecosystem. We have partnered with several organisations to promote recycling, and carbon neutrality is a priority for us. We are also committed to reducing pollution and waste by promoting the circular economy. Not only will this mitigate climate change, it will also help to create healthier outdoor environments.


Workforce Well-Being

Remote working has led to loneliness, so we want to find ways of promoting flexibility while preventing staff from feeling isolated. We recognise that remote working can be helpful because it allows staff members with limited mobility or with caring duties to join a team without having to come into the office. We are therefore looking at ways of promoting these opportunities while also avoiding the negatives.


Water Conservation

We use enzyme-based products that break down and don’t disrupt ecosystems. These are more eco-friendly and we also find them to be more effective than chemical sanitisers and cleaners. These are essentially chemical-free and do a really good job at combatting Covid.


If you would like to read the full article on sustainability issues, you can find it here on the European Cleaning Journal.

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