Whether you are located in head office, in one of the regional offices or on site at a client location, Atalian Servest is a great place to work.

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Employees at the heart of the business

In total there are 23,000 employees working for Atalian Servest, and they are the secret to Atalian Servest’s success.

Atalian Servest is always looking for people to bring new ideas to the company, people willing to try new things and embrace new technology so that the company can continue to grow. If this sounds like you please check current roles, or register your interest for future opportunities.

Why work for Atalian Servest?

Atalian Servest believe the more engaged and happy employees are, the more productive they will be. This infectious, positive effect helps strengthen the business making it even more successful.

Atalian Servest is a business built on its people, attracting and retaining the best is what has made Atalian Servest flourish. Here at Atalian Servest the team understand the importance of continuous training, investing heavily in developing our people throughout every level of the company, supporting them to gain new skills and professional qualifications.

Being part of a growing company, covers such a broad spectrum of career options you will be exposed to a world of opportunity. Upon joining Atalian Servest you will find that you are far from fixed to a career in your current profession. The team encourage employees to reach their full potential and fully support you should you feel you’d like explore a different area of the business. You’ll have access to apply for a range of roles across the wider business, whether in your current specialism or if you are looking to move into a new area. The ongoing training and support offered by Atalian Servest puts you in control of your career – it’s up to you where you want it to go!

Working in operations

Operations is the ‘face of Atalian Servest’ and forms the foundation of the great reputation Atalian Servest has established. Operational team members will be found working on-site at client’s premises, delivering quality services to customers.

There are a vast range of opportunities available across a number of services, sectors and levels; all the way from cleaners on the ground to pest control specialists, from chefs to account managers responsible for delivering FM to some of the largest retailers on the high street. If you are looking for a challenging role and are passionate about going the ‘extra mile’ for your customers then Atalian Servest is the company for you. At Atalian Servest we are continuously looking for the right people with customer service in their DNA to support them in delivering the best service to our customers.

A career in Atalian Servest’s central functions

Atalian Servest’s central functions keep the entire company going.

Ensuring that the teams on the ground have the supplies they need to carry out their jobs; bidding for new contracts and re-tendering for existing ones; equipping our workforce with the training they need to provide the best service to our customers; recruiting new talent to push the company forward; ensuring our workforce get paid on time; and that we are abiding to government legislations.

These are just a few of the functions that take place ‘behind the scenes’ in offices based around the UK. The team at Atalian Servest are always seeking out those who thrive in a fast paced and growing environment, if you love a challenge then Atalian Servest could be the place for you to take your career to the next level.

Support with you at the centre.

Atalian Servest are a global solutions provider and we’re here to take your enquiry and assist you in the most efficient way that allows you, your business and the teams you employ to focus on what it is you do. Contact us today.

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