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Customers are at the heart of business and so people are at the heart of Atalian Servest.

Here at Atalian Servest we are passionate about people and are committed to ensuring everyone is given the opportunity to learn and develop through Atalian Servest’s many courses and programmes.

There’s opportunities for people at all levels of Atalian Servest to learn new skills and develop their current skills to grow within the company. From going through Service 101 when joining as a result of TUPE, the Hidden Talent Apprenticeships on offer to Distinction training for corporate reception teams and even studying for an ILM qualification (ILM Level 2 Pioneer programme aimed at team leaders, up to the Level 7 Alchemist programme for board members).

Atalian Servest’s employees can get hands on and learn new and exciting skills through joining the Culinary Classroom, Barista Academy or complete the ILM endorsed ‘Train the Trainer’ programme and getting to wear the Atalian Servest Champion pin allowing them to then train fellow colleagues in these new and exciting skills. There’s also the opportunity to join the Next Generation Board and get involved with looking at the wider company issues and advising the main board on potential solutions.

A Continuous Conversation approach to performance reviews ensures Atalian Servest constantly recognises high performance and any issues that arise can be dealt with on a regular basis. A ‘Team Thinking’ approach is taken to all team development ensuring ideas are shared by everyone and they are able to have an input on the best way for the team to progress and improve.

One thing is for certain, a variety of opportunities are available for those who want to grow. Atalian Servest understand each person has individual needs and motivations and feel it is vital to provide its people with a wide range of opportunities, supporting them whilst they develop so they can continue to provide a best in class service to customers and clients.

Training & Development Programmes

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