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Atalian Servest offer a wide variety of training courses from management training, culinary training, apprenticeships and much more.

Hidden Talent

Atalian Servest offer a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities for those looking to learn as they earn. The apprenticeships vary including opportunities in Head Office functions such as Shared Services, Sales or IT but also in Operations.

The apprentices are given top of the range training and guidance throughout concluding in a full paid job offer for the position of the apprenticeship. This is a great opportunity for those coming out of school and looking to get their foot in the door of a fast growing industry leading company or for those just looking for a change of career.

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Atalian Servest Champion

Atalian Servest Champion is a two day course used to help drive performance across the company, helping Atalian Servest employees learn the skills required to become a successful and effective trainer.

Learning how to set SMART objectives, develop individuals and groups and how to plan and structure a training session are just some of the things participants learn on the course. Train the Trainer is also ILM endorsed so on completion candidates receive an ILM endorsed certificate and become a Atalian Servest Champion.

Core Training Programmes

Atalian Servest has a range of core training courses for all levels of employees. Through its partnership and centre status with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Atalian Servest is able to offer its employees the chance to earn industry recognised qualifications from Level 3 up to Level 7 to help them develop and progress their careers.

These training programmes include development in: leadership and coaching skills, developing personal skills and team management, time management skills and getting the best out of a team and developing initiatives to grow business divisions.


The Alchemist programme offers a level 7 ILM award and certificate in leadership and management for Managing Directors in the company.


Navigator is a nine module programme, accredited as a Level 5 ILM certificate in Leadership and Management. It is run as six two-day sessions over a twelve month period with subject experts brought in to do each section of the course. Navigator is aimed at Atalian Servest’s senior managers to build upon their leadership skills


Voyager is a nine module course, spanning over 25 months where participants have the opportunity to join with fellow managers to develop and discuss business initiatives in order to grow their division/function and share ideas on how to develop the business. This course is designed for key business managers throughout Atalian Servest to develop their skills whilst gaining an ILM level 4 certification in leadership and management.


Explorer is for Atalian Servest employees hoping to develop leadership and coaching skills. This is an eight module, Level 3 ILM accredited programme in leadership and management designed to build on participants existing skills, making more effective managers out of those on the course.


Pioneer is a course designed for Atalian Servest’s front line supervisors looking to develop their managerial skills. Across four modules participants develop personal skills such as time management and how to manage their teams in a way that gets the best out of them. The programme aims to give participants the confidence and necessary skills to advance in their careers.

Barista Academy

The Barista Academy is Atalian Servest’s exciting programme for those with an interest in all things coffee. Those taking part are taught the skills needed to become a highly skilled Barista, with those looking to go even further given the chance to learn the skills needed to train others in the art of serving artisan coffee.

Running alongside the launch of Atalian Servest’s new coffee brand ‘Groundhouse’ participants become ambassadors for the brand showing just how great Groundhouse coffee is. This programme also includes the opportunity Atalian Servest staff to gain a City & Guilds qualification as well as an ILM Train the Trainer qualification giving them great opportunities for progress in the business.

Culinary Classroom

The Culinary Classroom is Atalian Servest’s development programme for talented chefs in the business, who are looking to progress to being head chefs. The Culinary Classroom programme started in May 2015 and saw eight existing Atalian Servest chefs embark on a 10-month programme of training starting September of that year.

The chefs get to spend three days working under Luke Tipping at Simpson’s Michelin star restaurant in Birmingham. They will also receive training from industry leading chefs and managers, encouraging the chefs to develop their own ideas with each session having a different focus such as: seasonality, vegetarian cookery, menu planning, seafood cookery skills, and much more.

Their progress is evaluated by Atalian Servest’s Chef Director Chris Ince and Development Chef Rhys Richardson and at the end of the programme, candidates are presented with an ILM endorsed award in kitchen management at a graduation event.

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