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Supporting a Critical Supply Chain at Speed

By 3rd April 2020Blog

From the moment the severity of COVID-19 was fully understood, one of the ‘Big 4’ grocery retailers asked Atalian Servest for emergency support. Their main objective was to ensure that they could keep their doors open to provide their essential products to the public. The specialist team at Atalian Servest responded within 4 hours, completing the disinfection project within a 2 hour window.

When Atalian Servest’s helpdesk was called, the store manager had provided concern that a colleague had shown severe symptoms of COVID-19. After a swift shut down of the store area, the Atalian Servest specialist mobile team were deployed and began disinfecting touch points and surfaces. The team were organised with protective equipment and trained in handling extreme and dangerous hygiene scenarios. In less than just 6 hours the store was back up and running, the public were purchasing groceries, and all risk was removed, ensuring the general public could get their hands on much-needed supplies.


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