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Derek Cogdon – Account Director for a Grocery Contract


After successfully completing college and initially training as a professional chef, Derek spent the next fifteen years moving up through the ranks within the food retail sector.


In June 2014, Derek decided it was time for a new challenge and joined Servest as a general manager. Derek was increasingly recognised for being forward thinking, motivating and extremely enthusiastic.

As a result, he was promoted to account director in July 2015, crediting his success on his leadership and relationship building skills and having the ability to recruit, retain and lead a management team into overachievement of key performance indicators set out by the business. In this role, Derek is accountable for the day to day operations for Servest’s account with a key grocery retailer’s distribution centres.


Derek wants to further his career at Servest by developing his account into a full FM model. He feels this can be achieved through working collaboratively with the other account directors as there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be utilised.

“I’m very ambitious and would love the opportunity to further climb the Servest ladder.” – Derek

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