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The Social Value and Impact of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

By 16th February 2022Blog

We were proud to sponsor the Workplace Futures Conference, which took place on Tuesday 22nd February 2022. Sophie Ransome, Head of HR and Kelly Dolphin MLPI, Head of Learning & Development spoke at the event, sharing the social value and impact of diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

Prior to the event, they spoke to i-FM to about Atalian Servest’s experience launching an award-winning diversity and inclusion platform.


What is the social value of a D&I strategy in the workplace?

Workplace diversity means respecting and valuing the skills and differences that each individual brings. A diverse workplace is an inclusive environment that provides equal opportunities for all colleagues, regardless of gender, race, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.

A diverse and multicultural workplace brings several social value advantages:

  • Increased productivity: Diversity of talent means a broader range of skills, diversity of experiences and perspectives which enhance the potential for increased productivity.
  • Increased creativity: As various cultures and backgrounds work together, the opportunity for increased creativity builds. More people with differing perspectives and ideas facilitate more solutions to workplace challenges.
  • Improved cultural awareness: Diversity of cultures within the workplace allows companies to appeal to nuances across a global marketplace.
  • A positive reputation: Companies with a diverse workplace are often perceived as better employers. Potential employees want an employer who accepts and is tolerant of all backgrounds and who treats employees fairly.
  • Increased employee engagement: Employees who are satisfied with their organisation’s commitment to D&I value their company more and are twice as engaged as dissatisfied employees.
  • Increased employee retention: If you are operating a diverse workforce, you are likely open to different perspectives and characteristics. When employees feel accepted and valued, they are less likely to pursue other opportunities.
  • Better understanding of your customers: A diverse range of employees, representing society today, enables organisations to better understand their customers.

For Atalian Servest, it was vital to recognise every angle of diversity, and to provide ways to ensure our organisation, culture and D&I strategy came together to deliver a more diverse and inclusive society.


To read the full article by i-FM, please click here.

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