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Emily Hall – Catering Manager


Emily started her Servest career as weekend general catering assistant in 2008, whilst studying for her A Levels. Upon completion, Emily made the decision to take her job on full time with the aim to challenge herself to progress within the company.


After seven years of hard work, gaining experience across customer service, cooking, vending and administration, Emily earned a promotion, making her the unit catering manager. It wasn’t an easy process, posing both personal and professional challenges, however Emily is confident she would not have progressed in the same way without the support and encouragement of the excellent Servest managerial team in the region.


As a result of the culture and support, Emily believes she can continue to build a successful career within Servest. The commitment Servest has to developing their current employees is something Emily feels will continue to benefit her and is excited to continue working in a rewarding environment where the colleagues you work with believe in you and your capabilities.

“There are so many exciting changes happening within Servest, the company’s growth and broad offering of services make me feel privileged to be a part of it.”

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