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COVID-19, Recommended
Fever Screening

With the outbreak of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, there has never been a more important time to protect your people utilising thermal fever screening.

Through the use of thermal fever screening, we can help in the detection of possible COVID-19 cases, by conducting preliminary fever screening at the entrance and/or critical areas of your sites. Thus, allowing you to make real-time decisions on allowing employees or visitors into your buildings,which will reduce the risk of contamination.

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Access and Flow Control

Follow government social distancing restrictions and reduce the risk of contamination by conducting preliminary fever screening with access control and tracking visitor traffic with flow control.

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Application Scenarios

Hospitality, Retail & Corporate Sector

The reception, information desk or till point is where customers gather, so fast preliminary fever screening is required here.

Transport, Tourism Hubs
& Industry

The passenger channels at train stations, leisure venues and manufacturing sites have a high footfall, fast preliminary fever screening is effective in this area.

& Healthcare

Corridors of schools and hospitals are where individuals will pass through. This location can be a dedicated daily internal screening point.

1) Fixed Long-range Fever Screening

Fixed Long-range Fever Screening


2) Handheld Patrolling Fever Screening

Covering small spaces & places not convenient to set up fixed device