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Free school meals donated as part of charity project in Mozambique

Catering Academy, part of Atalian Servest, continues to support the Nema Foundation in its efforts to provide an education for children in Mozambique. From 2016 to 2017, over £7,000 was raised to provide children with a much needed nutritious meal every day, in an effort to ensure that no child goes hungry.

Supporting the charity since 2009, over £50,000 has been raised for the free school meals project, helping to improve the quality the education received and reduce childhood mortality rates. Fundraising initiatives that have made this possible include; raffles; collection boxes on customer sites; donations instead of Christmas gifts; supplier support and cake sales.

What is the Nema Foundation?

Founded in 2006, Nema is a UK-registered charity working within sixteen communities in Mozambique to improve access to education, safe drinking water, healthcare, food security and SMEs. Nema seeks to engage with communities, empowering individuals to transform their lives and eradicate poverty.

Committed to sustainability
Donations directly benefit grassroots projects tailored to meet the needs of each community, with positive change delivered within a sustainable framework. The priority is to equip villagers with the skills and knowledge needed to free themselves from poverty while protecting natural resources. This involves supporting participating primary schools to develop school farms, in the hope that they will produce enough food to replace what is currently bought from central Mozambique.

How do the donations help?

Providing thousands of school meals every day throughout the UK, Atalian Servest understands the importance of nutrition when it comes to learning. This is, therefore, the area of focus for the company’s donations, with the most recent providing 1,120 children from five villages with a daily school meal for six months. With each meal providing a child with enough nutrition for 75% of their daily needs.

The impact
The three core aims of the school meals project are to increase school attendance, improve concentration and ensure children are better nourished. The results of providing the meals have far exceeded expectations; with school attendance at Guludo School jumping from 50 to 300 children following the launch of the project.

Nema Foundation school
Nema feeding initiative

Continued support

Atalian Servest is continuing to support the charity through corporate donations, and the Nema charity committee is currently working on a plan to roll out fundraising activities within the business with the aim of raising a further £18,000 over the next twelve months. The company is committed to supporting the charity to ensure that children don’t go to school hungry, giving them a much better start in life, with a greater chance of a better future.

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