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A home from home at Christmas

Blog by Norma Bresciani, Managing Director Professional Services

Like many people, I love the joy and excitement that Christmas brings. From beautiful decorations to festive feasts, it’s a very special time of year. Though a lot of families will spend the festive season at home, for some Christmas and New Year involves a night or two of relaxation and pampering in a hotel. Whether you’re in need of a quiet and peaceful stay, or something a little more exciting, I believe all hotel guests should take away fond and lasting memories of their festive holiday.

It’s about trust

Deciding to leave the comfort of your own home and entrust your Christmas celebrations to someone else, is not an easy decision. The thought of a disappointing meal or a dirty room is enough to put anyone off booking a Christmas getaway. However, for hotel owners, there’s so many opportunities to impress and give guests a truly memorable stay.

Here at Servest, we take pride in helping hotels create the perfect setting to welcome and entertain their guests. From housekeeping and general cleaning, to concierge and building services, Servest’s team of professionals integrate seamlessly with in-house teams. By combining our experience and expertise, I always feel confident that we can deliver the highest standard of service.



First impressions count

As guests approach the hotel entrance, they’re already starting to form an early opinion of what sort of stay they’re going to have. If there are gardens and extensive grounds, it’s crucial that they are well-maintained and attractively landscaped. At Christmas time, I love to see a gloriously decorated and artistically lit Christmas tree, which forms the centre piece of a hotel entrance. This presents a welcoming sight for arriving guests, and sets the scene and atmosphere for a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable stay.

Though the guest experience starts before they even set foot through the door, their first encounter with any hotel colleague is an important one. Whether it’s a member of the concierge team, housekeeping or catering team, a warm welcome and offer of assistance will go a long way to helping guests to relax and set the tone for the rest of their stay.

It’s all in the details

I’m a firm believer that the little things make a real difference and that seemingly insignificant touches can make a hotel feel like a home from home. From freshly laundered sheets and soft towels, to the temperature and pleasant scent of a room, these small details can make a surprising difference to a guest’s experience. It’s an ethos that the Servest team believe in and work hard to uphold.



Recommendations generate future business

There’s no doubt that satisfied guests will recommend a hotel to their friends and family. In addition to word of mouth recommendations, review sites such as TripAdvisor are increasingly viewed as the ‘oracle’ for people looking to book a break. Regardless of whether their budget extends to luxury boutique accommodation or to a more modest B&B experience, these online platforms are vital in securing future bookings.

The views and positive recommendations of previous visitors are especially important to those who are looking to arrange a special mini-break or occasion, particularly if the visit is intended as a gift to a loved-one. Personally, I check review sites before staying somewhere I’ve not visited before, as they offer a balanced and valuable insight into the quality of the service. Of course, not all reviews are completely accurate and factual, but a string of complaints or poor reviews can begin to paint a picture in people’s minds. Knowing that these reviews can be incredibly influential, means that we take extra precautions to ensure we deliver the same, high quality service, for each and every guest.

Guests aren’t just for Christmas

Many people spend eleven months of the year looking forward to a memorable few days away at Christmas. That’s why it’s so important that guests experience a stay that surpasses their expectations. It is my ambition that through providing our customers with a five-star experience, either in the form of a single service or a bundled service solution, Servest can help to ensure that hotel guests return year after year to celebrate special occasions, holidays and, of course, Christmas.
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