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How can Facilities Management help create the perfect retail environment?

By 19th January 2017Blog, Facilities Management

From the layout to the décor and the staff to the displays, every aspect of a retail space has an impact on customer satisfaction. By utilising the services of a facilities management company, you can ensure your customers have the best possible shopping experience.

First impressions count

As online shopping continues to grow ever popular, high-street retailers have the added pressure of consistently providing their customers with a world class shopping environment. From the moment the consumer drives into the car park or sets foot in your store, there’s an opportunity to impress them.

If you have a car park or outside area dedicated to your retail space, ensuring the area is free from rubbish and abandoned trolleys will play a key part in influencing your customer’s first impressions. An on hand team who are dedicated to keeping your shop exterior spick, span and ready for action will ensure your valued shoppers and employees receive a warm and inviting welcome on every visit.

Creating the perfect environment

Today, consumers expect to be able to get their shopping picked, packed and back home as fast as possible. Having a facilities management team that works with you, and around your customers to create an environment free from mess, hazards and disruptions will give you the confidence to focus on other key activities that drive your business forward. From the cleaner ensuring busy isles are sparkling clean, to the security guard keeping employees and customers safe and secure; it’s all part of presenting a professional image and offering a great service.

Outsourcing your facilities services to a single company can free up valuable time, reduce costs and maximise operational efficiency. One team working collaboratively is much easier to coordinate than juggling multiple contacts and chains of communication.

Cleaning General


Shopping patterns

Whether it’s an early morning shop or a late night dash, shoppers expect a five-star service whenever they decide to visit. If your premises is open 24/7, a first class shopping experience is just as important at 3am as it is at 3pm. This means carefully planning working schedules for cleaning operatives, security personnel and caterers, especially if you’re expecting a spike in footfall during peak shopping times. These demands can all be effectively managed by a Facilities Manager who can maintain the day to day running of your store so you can concentrate on delighting your customers.

Putting time and effort into creating the perfect retail space is key to earning shoppers’ trust and return business. To find out more about keeping your premises in prime condition, learn more about our facilities management services, or get in touch with a member of our team.

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