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How to keep your hotel pest free

By 5th December 2018Blog, Pest Control
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There is nothing more likely to ruin your guests’ hotel stay and your reputation than encountering a pest, yet there are a multitude of nasty critters just waiting for a chance to infiltrate your business if you don’t keep your defences up. The most likely areas to be affected are the kitchens, the bedrooms and the bins, all of which you can keep pest free with a little ingenuity and the right treatments.

Pests in the bedrooms

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that live on blood. They are a common problem in bedrooms as they thrive in the warm environment of beds. It is particularly difficult to prevent them from getting into the bedrooms as they can come in on guests’ clothing or luggage and there is always a further and significant chance of them spreading with so many beds in close proximity. As bedbugs are nocturnal it’s difficult to witness them first hand but keep a lookout for giveaway blood spots or faecal marks on sheets as this is an easy indication you have a problem. Atalian Servest carries out a unique bedbug preventative treatment to hundreds of hotels throughout the UK every year to deter bedbug infestations. This method of prevention has proven, over many years, to deter infestations before they become a problem. The best way to deal with a current infestation of bedbugs is an intensive dusting of insecticide powder and insecticide spraying of any affected rooms and those nearby. A further crack and crevice treatment should also be used around the room with a dusting of insecticide to the bed base.

Pests in the kitchen

The kitchen is the most likely place to find pests in your hotel. Garden ants, despite their name, love to make their home in your kitchen. Although a nest may be located outside, typically under rocks or in rotten wood, they will travel large distances in their search for food and your kitchen provides the perfect feeding ground for them. You’ll probably notice more ant activity in the summer as the ants increase their efforts to support the queen and colony during the warmer weather. Keep the ant army at bay with insecticide spraying and insecticide bait. If the bait is returned to the nest and fed to the queen, the whole colony should die.

Flying insects are also more common in the summer months and you can take measures to prevent them from entering the kitchen. Fly screens over doors and windows should stop the majority of flying insects from entering and an electronic fly control unit will control and monitor those that do slip through. It’s also very important to keep drains clean, as this is a potential breeding ground, and to make sure food and liquid spills are cleared up thoroughly and promptly. If flying insects are a problem, even with your preventative measures, a one-off airborne insecticide treatment will keep them at bay, however, a full review of the facilities may be required to ensure there is no underlying issue which needs resolving.

Pests around the bins

This nastiest of pests is also the most resilient and requires rigorous prevention and control. Checking that your bins are secure, lids tightly closed and bungs fastened is very important. Also, make sure no food is left lying on the ground near the bins. Don’t leave access to any standing water as rats require a water source to survive. Any overgrown areas will provide a good nesting ground for rats, so make sure these are cut back regularly. To prevent rats from getting into the building, it is also a good idea to check that there are no gaps they could get into.

If rats have moved in near your bins, toxic bait is the best way to deal with them. They should be replenished every 7 days for 3 weeks and monitored after this to make sure the infestation does not reoccur.

These are just some of the common pests that could cause havoc in the hotel sector. Pests can cause a severe impact on any kind of hospitality business, not least the reputational damage which can linger for years. So, effective pest control is a vital consideration, just as soon as a problem is detected.
Atalian Servest offers professional and discreet pest control services to a variety of hotel environments. Get in touch today for more information on how the team of expert technicians can help keep your property free from pests. Learn more about services available here.

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