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International Women’s Day 2021

By 8th March 2021Blog

International Women’s Day is an important day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women all around the world. At Atalian Servest, we would like to highlight the fantastic work the women in our diverse workforce do every single day.

We asked a number of our female colleagues about their career highlights, the advice they would give to other women following their career path and what International Women’s Day means to them.


“Being in charge of a large team of security officers, in a largely male-dominated profession, has helped me grow in confidence and has allowed me to learn new skills. My advice for women in security is to be confident, strong, open-minded and approachable. Being promoted to my current role as Senior Security Officer was a really proud moment, and proves just why women should never be overlooked for prominent security positions.”

Tina Freitas-Basilio, Senior Security Officer



“Being a single mum to my little boy has pushed me to try even harder to get where I am now. I am currently studying for a Facilities Management Diploma, the opportunity to upskill will move my career forward. The proudest moment of my career is not my actual job, but what I have learnt and achieved so far. I am also very proud of building a great team and working environment for my colleagues.”

Karolina Morkunaite, Contracts Manager



‘My proudest moment was the reopening of one of our retail stores, I successfully organised a team of over 20 people, including new and existing team members. The opening day was fantastic, the senior management team thanked me and my team which, was a really proud moment. I am proud to be a woman, today is a day to celebrate the achievements of every single woman around the world!”

Samantha Barlow, Area Manager



“The best part of my role is being able to have an actual impact on peoples understanding of nutrition, and helping them lead a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, my role helps people which gives me a lot of job satisfaction and motivation. My favourite career highlights to date come from teaching our primary school children, seeing their apprehension turning into enthusiasm when trying new fruits and vegetables is so rewarding!”

Louise Goodall, Company Nutritionist


“I enjoy the fast pace of Technical Services, no day is the same which makes my job interesting! I think a common misconception about working within Tech Services is that you must have ‘technical’ knowledge, but your wider skill set is just as important. You need to know how to analyse data and trends, you must understand the customer’s needs and how to find solutions for different challenges. Being recognised for doing a good job is always a proud moment, and it keeps you motivated.”

Melanie Liddell, Operations Manager



“The attraction to pursuing a career in Technical Services goes back to early on in my career, I had worked on a maintenance helpdesk where I built on my M&E knowledge. My advice to other women going into Technical Services is do not fear if you don’t have a trades skill set. As long as you are willing to learn from a good mentor and different courses, you will be fine! Today is a day to reflect on where I started, how I’ve grown and to be grateful for where I am now.”

Hayley Hearn, Account Manager



“I am proud of how far I have progressed since joining Atalian Servest in 2009. I have always been focused on my development, and have gone from a Cleaning Operative to a Supervisor, Area Manager and now Senior Area Manager with nine people reporting to me. Having women in senior management positions has motivated me to keep pushing to achieve my very best.”

Layla Hill, Senior Area Manager


“For me today is about celebrating who we are and what we have achieved within all of our different roles, no matter our backgrounds, culture, religions and languages. I came to England speaking very little English, and I feel proud to have worked with so many different people at different levels where I have gained versatile skills and knowledge. I know so many amazing women within our business who work really hard and do an outstanding job, today is all about recognising them!”

Natalia DelHierro, Business Administrator

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