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International Women’s Day 2022

By 7th March 2022Blog

This International Women’s Day, Atalian Servest are proud to be #BreakingtheBias, showcasing women in FM who are breaking down stereotypes. Our inspiring women have shared their career stories, their advice to other women following in their footsteps and the work they believe is still needed to bridge the gender gap.

Maria Dolan, Security Officer

Maria has been with our business since 2019, and as an Asian woman, she admits that sometimes she does feel ‘different’ to those around her. Although she has never felt intimidated in her role, and that everyone around her is friendly, she believes women in security must be confident in what they do, and communication is key to this.

In her role as a Security Officer, it isn’t just the patrolling and access control responsibilities she enjoys, she relishes in the relationships she is able to forge. She enjoys creating a meaningful relationship with the client and feeling like part of their business too.

“On #InternationalWomensDay, I want all women to be treated as equals and to be empowered.”


Francesca Stefanyszyn, Business Development Manager

Since joining our business in 2019, Francesca has progressed to Business Development Manager for our Technical Services division. Francesca has been open about how she was anxious of being one of the very few women in the division and industry when she started in the role.

“In the majority of cases, as a woman in my role, I do stand out and I often walk into a room where I am the only woman in meetings with 20 others. However, I truly believe that Atalian Servest is an inclusive employer, who don’t see gender and value you for your work ethic and what you bring to the table. This culture is extremely liberating, motivating and gives me the confidence to do my job successfully.

I think more work needs to be done to eliminate the double standards that still exist, if a woman is a confident speaker and a natural leader, she should be encouraged rather than judged for being “bossy”. Similarly, if a woman is more reserved and logical thinker, she shouldn’t be labelled “shy”.

On #InternationalWomensDay, my advice to other women is that although it is very easy to allow the louder voices in the room to take over you, remain confident and don’t let gender stereotypes hold you back. Embrace your qualities and use them to your advantage!”


Aiva Saltyte, Office Manager, Security

My experience being a woman in the security industry has been really positive, I have received fantastic support at the different stages of my career. Working in a male-dominated industry has made me a tougher and more confident person.

No day is the same in my job, I may be dealing with uniform orders and invoicing, and the next organising short notice event security requests. The highlight of my career so far has been my involvement in The G7 Leaders Summit and COP26, which was a completely new challenge for me. I was really proud to have been trusted to manage the accreditations of our security officers and that I played a part in our success.


Jenny Drake, Finance Director – Soft Services & Corporate

Jenny’s has received multiple internal promotions since joining Atalian Servest in 2012, and now leads the Finance team for our soft services and corporate divisions.

“There is still the assumption that Finance Directors (FD’s) are typically male and there are instances where when trying to get the FD’s name, people ask for “his” contact details, but it is becoming fewer and further between which is a real positive.”

“I feel really proud to be a woman in a senior finance position and show others what is possible, and that gender should never be a barrier. I am also really lucky to work for a business like Atalian Servest who have supported me in my career and have also given flexibility to be present for my two young children as well.”

For #InternationalWomensDay, Jenny wanted to give advice to women starting their careers in finance. “Finance is a fantastic and varied career with a huge realm of opportunities for everyone. Be personable, get involved and seek to understand what drives the numbers. But, most importantly, work proactively with the teams to help interpret and challenge the data in a way that adds value to a business, it really isn’t just about numbers.”

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