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Life during Lockdown

By 12th May 2020Blog, Uncategorised

Covid-19 has put life as we know it on hold, impacting life at both work and home for all of us in many different ways.

We caught up with some of our colleagues who have been at home throughout the Coronavirus period to find out how they’re coping during these times of significant change.

We have recently launched CHROMA, our new diversity and inclusion platform, which is enabling us to learn from our colleagues diverse backgrounds and experiences. Supporting our colleagues on all matters, including mental health is the top of our agenda. Find out more about CHROMA here.

Angela Page

Specialist Surveyor, Pest Control

What has been your experience of life during lockdown?

When lockdown began and I was advised I would be furloughed, the best option seemed to be to move in with my partner and luckily this has been very rewarding for us both. It took me several days to fully accept the situation, but I decided to set some goals to keep my mental health in a positive place. My partner is currently working from home full time, and I have found having a daily routine to mirror their’s has helped to keep my mind and body healthy.

I wanted to help and feel useful while on furlough which is what led me to register as a NHS Volunteer Responder. I also decided to enrol on some of the free Open University courses advertised online (some of which I have already completed) and I’m learning Spanish. I’ve enjoyed having more time for cooking and housework, but I am itching to get back to full time work- and to enjoying a full salary again. I’ve always been active and used to swim every day and play netball weekly so I’m using the exercise bike and walking everyday. I check in with my close family and friends most days via Zoom or FaceTime, and am using Zoom to play educational games with my 8 year old niece, as well as Minecraft, her new favourite game.

What does your role as an NHS Volunteer Responder involve?

As an experienced counsellor, I felt volunteering as a ‘Check-in and Chat’ Responder would be most suitable. I have been contacted by various people all over the country who are dealing with issues such as anxiety and loneliness while they are self-isolating. I can employ different counselling approaches to help put them at ease and into a healthier frame of mind during this difficult time. It’s extremely rewarding for me and I can only hope that in a small way I have helped someone find some hope and smile again.

What are you most looking forward to doing again post lockdown?

Hugging my niece tightly and taking her to the park for a run around and a football game. Just seeing my family and friends socially will be lovely. Going swimming and playing netball again.

I am also looking forward to resuming my role at Atalian Servest which will please me-and my bank manager! And just getting my life back to some sort of normal, although I feel my new ‘normal’ will look very different moving forward, as it will for everyone.


Bill Burroughs

Regional Operations Manager

What has been your experience of life during lockdown?

Being furloughed has given me the chance to do some of the things I have been saying I would like to do, but never had the time to get around to. I have been trying to keep fit and active and am training for two hours most days, doing a combination of boxing, cardio and running. I am using FaceTime every day to stay in touch with my family, and we have had some virtual quiz nights and discos with our friends, which has provided a great distraction and plenty of laughs! I’ve even found the time to do some DIY, finally tackling all the jobs around the house and in the garden that my wife wanted me to do.

Have you set yourself any goals for this period?

Yes, I want to get fitter, so I am aiming to get back to running 5km a day. I find running also helps me release stress and pressure.

What are you most looking forward to doing again post lockdown?

Getting back to a ‘new normal’. Seeing my family, especially my grandchildren, but also getting back to work. I love my job and miss my colleagues, team and clients. I like to stay busy and my role definitely keeps me busy every day.








Pinsi Sahota

Operational Training and Support Manager

What’s been your reaction to being put on furlough?

Obviously it is tough, as I love my job. I am used to travelling quite a lot all over the country with work, so being at home all the time now takes a lot of adjustment. But I made the decision very early on to accept the situation, take control and try to make this a positive experience. My initial thoughts turned to my two young daughters (Miya, 9, and Neha, 4) and their homeschooling. The first thing I did was make a list of targets and goals for each of us-breaking down what we all wanted to achieve day by day, week by week, month by month, and devised a proper daily timetable for the girls.

What has been your experience of life on lockdown?

My main focus has been looking after the girls. As well as their school work, each day we’ve enjoyed lots of different activities such as cooking from scratch, baking, crafting and playing in the garden. I make sure they do an hour’s exercise every day and we’ve all kept a diary of this experience; recording what’s been good, and what we’ve found hard. As part of my role at Atalian Servest I deliver operational training, so I’ve even set up a mini training academy for the girls to keep my hand in!

Obviously parenting and homeschooling keeps me pretty busy, but I try to make sure I carve out some time for myself each day. I’ve completed most of the online training courses on Atalian World, and enjoy lots of video calls with friends and family.

What are you most looking forward to doing again post lockdown?

Seeing my friends and family, who I am really missing. Enjoying a Costa or Starbucks coffee again! And of course, I am really looking forward to getting back to work. I’m so lucky to love my job, so I want to get back out there, doing what I’m good at.









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