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Rob’s Apprenticeship

By 7th February 2023Uncategorised


Name : Rob Stokes

Division : Technical Services

Job Title : Mobile Mechanical Engineer

Apprenticeship Programme : Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3



Why did you choose this qualification? 

“I decided to start my apprenticeship because I was keen to learn the skills and knowledge that would help to further my career and allow me to become an effective team leader and supervisor.”

What have you learnt throughout your apprenticeship?

“One of the key skills I have learnt is to be more self-aware. This can be from how I present myself, to how I sound, to how I portray myself to other members of staff within my team.

One of the extra duties I have taken on since starting my apprenticeship is training and upskilling others that want to learn more about the mechanical side of things. I’ve done this through hands on training and creating specific plans for each engineer that suits their individual strengths and weaknesses. I believe my learning will further my career in my next steps to become a successful manager.”

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