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Martina’s Apprenticeship

By 7th February 2023Uncategorised


Name: Martina Bucakova

Division: Angel Hill Food Co.

Job Title: Assistant Chef

Apprenticeship Programme: Production Chef Level 2



Why did you choose this qualification? 

“It’s like going back to school but with one positive change – you want to do it. All the knowledge I wish to learn can be put into practice straight away.

What impact has the training had on you? 

“It can be hard to manage a job whilst learning, completing paperwork and testing yourself over and over again. It can eat up all of your free time and sometimes you just want to give up, but then you remember that you have amazing person by your side. My trainer’s name is Matthew Vernon, he is very supportive and is the most positive teacher I have ever had in my life. He will remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing and is there to help me with any tasks that I’m struggling to complete.

During my apprenticeship I have learned not just the how but the why. My questions are always answered professionally through a constructive discussion and I’ve learned many tips and tricks along the way. Being trained by Matt has been great as the knowledge, skills and behaviours have stuck with me and I have learned to enjoy and love cooking more and more. It’s just a shame that he doesn’t have his own cooking class!”

Would you recommend becoming an apprentice? 

“Absolutely – working on an apprenticeship is a fantastic experience and will help you to progress in your career. I would recommend becoming an apprentice if you have a passion for what you do as it will allow you to achieve a higher level of knowledge, skills and behaviours that will benefit you in your future career and help you to achieve your goals. As a bonus, Atalian Servest have an apprentice of the month award, which I was proud to win in January 2022.”

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