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My Inspiration… Michelle Obama

By 2nd October 2020Uncategorised

As the first black First Lady in the United States of America, Michelle Obama was instrumental in creating one of the most welcoming and inclusive White Houses in history, establishing herself as a powerful advocate for women around the world.​

As an Ivy League graduate, she built a successful career, first as a lawyer, and then in the private sector, which she maintained throughout her husband’s early political career. After her husband’s election as president, she actively chose a number of causes to support; from advocating for support for military families to encouraging healthy eating to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity. ​

Michelle is an inspiration and role model for me, I have been interested in Politics since I was 15, to see her impact on not only politics but, also the wider world has been amazing to watch. ​

Although she was never voted into public office, she used her position to reshape the role of First Lady. She turned the role into being more than just the “president’s wife”, she used her coverage and influence to inspire young people to fight injustice, work hard and, to shape their own future and destiny. ​

By being open about her struggles, including racism, mental health, relationships, children and her working life, she inspires me and many others to flourish in the face of judgement, opinions and prejudice.​

Francesca Stefanyszyn, Graduate Business Development Executive

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