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Nana Osei – Operations Manager

Before Servest

Born and brought up in Ghana and studying for an undergraduate degree at the University of Ghana, Nana travelled to the UK seeking adventure and new cultural experiences, following in the footsteps of his mother.

Servest Journey

Upon arriving in the UK Nana accepted a job as a part-time cleaner with Servest. Initially to fund his travels, Nana came to love the job, working within a team and helping customers. After working hard to get to grips with some of the health and safety regulations surrounding the cleaning industry he was promoted to assistant supervisor and then to supervisor of a newly opened branch of a high street fashion chain.

After proving his worth at supervisor level Nana was once again promoted, this time to an area manager role for the cleaning contract at a leading leisure company. Within only a few months he brought results, with accident rates massively reduced and the majority of audits passed. Upon obtaining his driving licence Nana moved back into the retail division working with a number of well-known brands and overcoming a lot of ongoing challenges that the contracts had been facing along the way.

Having built up a reputation for being able to turnaround site performances, Nana was transferred to work with a leading household name retailer. Using his past experience he was able to improve the Servest’s team’s performance and as a result earned himself another promotion, this time into the operations manager role.

Current position

Nana is responsible for four area managers and two periodic cleaners covering four regions. As part of this role he has implemented new initiatives such as a staff reward scheme and a training calendar, as well as being a member of the committee behind the ‘academy for strong supervisors’. Nana credits his experience as a cleaning operative and the resilience installed in him from a young age as being instrumental to his success.

The Future

Nana is dedicated to continue learning and is particularly interested in developing his skills regarding acquisitions. He has started a succession plan in the hope of inspiring others to develop their career into positions of management.

Nana has his sights set on being an operations director by 2017 and his ultimate goal is to become a managing director by 2020. Proving to his daughter that with hard work and determination you can achieve your dreams.

“I have come this far by staying true to my humble beginnings and always taking with me the experience and knowledge I gained as a part-time cleaning operative.”

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