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National Apprenticeship Week

By 7th February 2020Blog, Uncategorised

Throughout the last week, we have been celebrating the impact apprentices have on individuals, employers and the economy for National Apprenticeship Week. As the week draws to end, we would like to reflect on the importance of our diverse workforce.

At Atalian Servest, we ensure all colleagues are given the opportunities to develop which, allows for our colleagues to flourish while also attracting the next generation of talent.

Apprenticeships are for everybody, and we ensure all colleagues are aware of the fantastic prospects available to them. We are proud to currently have 474 apprentices ‘in learning’, and 73 achievers have completed their apprenticeships in the last 12 months.

“Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for our colleagues wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills. We see immense value in investing in our workforce through apprenticeship programmes which enable the individual to develop, grow and progress with the business, supporting us to retain and with succession planning. We see the value in utilising apprenticeships to develop our workforce at all levels. We have also doubled our levy investment in the last 12 months, which is an amazing achievement – so this shows our commitment to developing the workforce through apprenticeships.” Jamie Canter, Hidden Talent Manager

“If you feel that you want to go further with your knowledge and understanding of the company, then an apprenticeship is the way to go. Working with other colleagues gives you the chance to bounce ideas off one another and you see how other people work, this has helped me be more aware of how to deal with staff management issues in my day to day role.” Sue Smith, Team Leader and Supervisor Apprenticeship (Level 3).


“I recently completed my Digital Marketing Level 3 apprenticeship, overall, the apprenticeship was an excellent introduction into marketing. It allowed me to explore the different avenues I could take in my career and, it has helped to develop my existing skills. Completing my apprenticeship at Atalian Servest has been the perfect environment for me to grow my skills and set me up for my future.
An apprenticeship is a great opportunity to put into practice what you are learning directly to your current role. I would encourage anyone to start an apprenticeship, no matter where they are in their career.” Josh Barnes, Junior Marketing Executive.

“My Operations Manager apprenticeship has been a great opportunity to further my development, getting a better understanding of the influence I bring to the company. The course has also helped me to be more open-minded as a manager, improving my leadership qualities and how I engage with my colleagues. I would push someone considering an apprenticeship to do it, but consider that it is a two-year course and to not underestimate the workload.” Marlen Holding, Operations Manager Apprenticeship (Level 5).


“I have definitely grown as an individual by gaining a wealth of invaluable and transferrable skills throughout my apprenticeship. I chose to do an apprenticeship over university because I aspired to be someone different and someone who blossomed within my chosen career field. Apprenticeships just seemed like the perfect option because not only did I get the qualification, but I also got the key work experience that potential employers look for. I have won reputable awards and met important people in the education industry from being an apprentice ambassador, which are only a couple of the opportunities that have been offered to me along my career journey. If you want a route with endless possibilities, then blaze your own trail and choose an apprenticeship.” Rhian Prince, HR Support Administrator

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