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National Career Development Week 2020

By 15th November 2020Blog

National Career Development Week

November 16th kicked off National Career Development week as part of a month’s learning activities. At Atalian Servest we are firm believers in the power of continuous learning. Our ethos and culture are based on offering opportunity to all, in fact this directly led to the naming of our Learning & Development function; ‘Opportunity’ is not just an ideal at Atalian Servest, it is our purpose and how we unify our business.


Rachel de Villiers

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Rachel's Journey

The company has supported me in gaining a Diploma degree and the opportunity to gain my Maths and English grades

Opportunity for all

Within the UK, we employ a workforce 27,000 strong, with over 20,000 of our colleagues being frontline workers. Our dedicated, professional workforce have proved their worth this year more than ever before, stepping forward to deliver exemplary services to our clients in these trying times. Increasingly, what was sometimes an ‘invisible’ workforce has come to the forefront of public attention and been rightly praised for their commitment.


Dawn Fox

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Dawn's Journey

I have been allowed to study towards a CIPD level 3 in HR and am currently enrolled on a CIPD level 5 learning and development course

Support to grow and develop

Of course, for anyone involved in the FM business, this does not come as news, our people have always been the core of our success, we are truly the sum of our parts. Atalian Servest has always believed in this principle and we have ensured that we offer training and education for all our colleagues no matter their job role. We ensure that as a business we are giving everyone the opportunity to grow and develop to be the best that they can be. We believe that every individual, with the right support can grow and develop and that everyone deserves to be given that opportunity.


Lynn Smalley

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Lynn's Journey

My line managers have helped me tremendously with my role and I feel I have come on in leaps and bounds, growing in confidence every day

Stepping up to the educational challenge

This week we can showcase and highlight the positivity of providing opportunities to our colleagues, we are looking forward to sharing some of these stories. We hope that they inspire and persuade other colleagues to take the brave step in looking for their own new educational opportunity.

We hope that they inspire and persuade other colleagues to take the brave step in looking for their own new educational opportunity.


Kate Mann

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Kate's Journey

Atalian Servest gave me the chance me to become a licenced BICSc assessor and I’ve just completed a level 5 Operational Management apprenticeship course

Support with you at the centre.

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