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Pam Coulson – FM Director


Diverging from the career path Pam had started after school in window dressing, she decided to dive into the world of catering after the birth of her first child for a new and exciting start. Beginning as a general assistant and working her way up the ladder to the role of catering manager, Pam learned all the different skills that helped her to naturally progress into facilities management.


In May 2012, Pam joined 7 Day Catering where her first job was to successfully mobilise a key head office contract. Later in the same year, Servest acquired 7 Day Catering and Pam became a Servest employee.

With Servest, Pam continued to oversee and improve the growth of the key head office contract as well as other significant contracts. In 2016 Pam progressed to the role of FM director with a team of three FM account managers that oversaw a multi-service portfolio. More recently, Pam has taken on the responsibility of supporting the FM Helpdesk which is based in Bury St Edmunds.

Pam is blown away by the culture at Servest, its people and customer focused business outlook. She appreciates that change is embraced with open arms and new ideas are met with excitement, remarking on how rare this is for the industry.


Pam is excited for what the future holds for Servest and the pace at which the business is moving forward.

“I love the Servest spirit and comradery. I’m proud to be a part of the Servest family and look forward to my future with the company.”

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