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Pinsi Sahota – Operational Training & Compliance Manager

Before Servest

After graduating from Manchester University with a first in textiles and fashion, Pinsi used his degree to get into the fashion retail industry. Securing his first role within this sector, Pinsi progressed on to become a team manager in store at a well-known brand. After a few years in this role Pinsi was looking for a change, and he knew the fashion retail industry couldn’t offer him the next step he wanted.

Servest journey so far

In November 2010, Pinsi joined Servest as a part time cleaning operative at a well-known retailer. The change of role was a culture shock for him at first but this motivated him to make a difference. Bringing a positive attitude and a new outlook, Pinsi was quickly noticed and within three months he was promoted to a site manager. Within another two months Pinsi had been offered the responsibility of a bigger store, which he took without hesitation. Continuing to impress, Pinsi was offered the chance of a new role within the company, in which he would manage contracts across multiple stores.

As a manager, Pinsi recognised that a positive attitude motivated his team and that they found the work more enjoyable, which resulted in a higher standard of service. Finding his love for developing his team, when a role to head up Servest’s new learning and development initiative ‘The Cleaning Academy’ came about, Pinsi was keen to take on the opportunity and proved himself a perfect fit for the role.

Looking to the future

Pinsi is keen to build on his personal successes, as well as those of his team as he embarks on the cleaning academy project. He is looking forward to a productive and challenging year and remains open to any future opportunities that come his way as the company continues to grow.

“Servest is an exceptional company which has provided me with countless opportunities to develop and progress.” – Pinsi

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