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Rachel de Villiers – Opportunity

By 16th November 2020Uncategorised

Rachel de Villiers – Area Support Manager

What did you do before you joined Atalian Servest?

I previously worked in the Leisure industry and in particular was a swimming instructor.

What opportunities has working at Atalian Servest given you? 

From starting with the company, three years ago, I have received significant training and mentoring which has enabled me to progress.  The support and education opportunities have led me to gaining promotion within Atalian Servest.

The company have also supported me in gaining a Diploma degree and the opportunity to gain my Maths and English grades.

How has this helped you grow?

I was able to transfer to a bigger store due to my improved management skills and help build a new team to maintain company standards.

It has personally helped to build my own self-confidence, being recognised at the company and continue to build relationships with our client.

How does your future at Atalian Servest look?

Completing my diploma and gaining my maths qualification will be a real self-achievement. I hope to be able to take advantage of training on Human Resources to gain a better understanding of how other departments work within the company.

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