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Ruth Mclaughlin – Area Manager


At age sixteen, Ruth left school with the dream of becoming a chef and then attended catering college to complete a City and Guild’s qualification. After a short career in the kitchen, she had a few years out to have a family before heading back to further her career, moving into a managerial chef position.

Ruth’s career quickly progressed as she became a catering manager, where she was given the opportunity to hone her front of house skills. To support her future development, she embarked on a degree in hospitality management. Upon completion, Ruth took on an area manager role for a small independent company where she learned all about facilities management.


Ruth joined Servest in July 2014 and recalls the first few months as being very hectic yet educational. She learned a lot about her commitment to the client and discovered her love for ensuring that Servest provides dependable outstanding service.

Servest has allowed Ruth to develop at her own pace, giving her the accountability of her own team when she was ready to take on the responsibility. Ruth embraced the opportunity to manage and grow a team and finds this the most enjoyable part of her role.


Ruth is happy in her current position and wants to support Servest in expanding the services it offers to the contract on which she works.

“I am enjoying enhancing the capabilities of my team, but would love the opportunity to develop on my own skills and use them to contribute to the growth of the company.”

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