Working with you to ensure a safe and compliant working environment throughout the construction process.

Ensuring a safe working environment

Rigorous standards and attention to detail define the construction industry, and it is of utmost importance that there is a safe working environment for anyone on site, at all times.

Atalian Servest will work with you to ensure that all risks are considered, from heavy materials to unfinished structures and everything in between, so that a service delivery plan is implemented to meet these needs. Atalian Servest will also work with you to ensure that all relevant health and safety legislation is considered.

Complying to legislative standards

Meeting legislative standards is a non-negotiable issue for any business but particularly in the construction industry, therefore robust planning and reporting is critical.

Atalian Servest has experience of working with some of the leading names in the industry, in single sites or on multiple site locations, so have the processes and expertise in place to ensure that your sites comply to all standards.


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