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Keeping a hotel clean and running smoothly has many challenges, from keeping public areas spotless and inviting, to ensuring that rooms always adhere to brand standards and are ready for guests to check in on time. Atalian Servest have the experience and knowledge to face these challenges head on and can offer a total facilities management solution.

From housekeeping to general public area cleaning and concierge to pest control and building maintenance, you can count on Atalian Servest to ensure that your hotel is well maintained and serviced to deliver on all of your guests’ expectations.

Innovating to meet your needs

Traditional metal housekeeping trolleys can be heavy, bulky and hard to manoeuvre. Atalian Servest can improve efficiency and reduce health and safety risks by replacing traditional trolleys with an innovative, light and unobtrusive style trolley, containing everything from cleaning materials to marketing collateral, amenities, and much more. As they are easier to manoeuvre, housekeepers can move between rooms with ease.

To improve the carbon footprint of your hotel Atalian Servest equips staff with enzyme cleaners that are vastly better for the environment than any conventional chemical cleaners and are also much safer for your guests. Atalian Servest also offer laundry service choices that your guests can actively engage in to further support your environmental efforts.

More efficient floor care

To ensure that your guests experience a consistently clean and mark free floor, Atalian Servest will work with you to improve on the effect of spillages, stains and scratches on all floor types. Carpets are cleaned to ensure they are well maintained and preserved by removing daily spillages and reducing the requirement for costly maintenance caused by poor daily cleaning regimes.

Atalian Servest supply housekeeping staff with specialist machines that negate the need for an additional external company clean to take place. From hard flooring machines that clean and polish with no chemicals to machines for spot stain removal, Atalian Servest equips housekeeping staff on your premises with the tools they need to deal with these challenges in a way that causes minimum disruption to your guests.


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