Professional Services

Providing top-of-the-range services to ensure you can deliver the highest professional standards at all times.

Professional Services

When you are offering your clients a professional service you want to ensure that every aspect of your business reflects the professionalism and standards of your team.

Whether you work in finance or insurance, legal or public relations, you have an image and reputation to uphold. Atalian Servest will work with you to create the correct environment for your business to thrive.

Financial Services

Flexible but consistent.

The hours you and your team keep may differ day to day, week to week. Whether liaising with international partners in the early hours or working late to meet tight deadlines, you need a facilities management provider that is flexible and considerate of the confidential nature of your business, A partner that will work around your business needs and still maintain the standards you expect.

By forming a strong and open partnership, the team at Atalian Servest will listen to your needs and adapt as and when you need us to, always ensuring you get the best possible service.

Managing Agents

Buildings as individual as you are.

Realising that buildings are as individual as people is crucial in understanding the complex demands a managing agent will have of its facilities management provider. Whether you manage one, a hundred or a thousand buildings, you need to ensure each one is delivering to its full potential, maximising the return on your investment. Atalian Servest will work with you and to your schedule to ensure your buildings continue to be a fantastic environment for work, rest or play.

Corporate Headquarters

Encouraging productivity.

Creating a working environment that is right for your business can create a happier workforce and promote productivity. Atalian Servest will work with you to help create an environment that inspires your team. Using our experience working with some of the biggest names in the UK, the Atalian Servest team will develop a service plan that works for, and with you.


Media Centre

Support with you at the centre.

Atalian Servest are a global solutions provider and we’re here to take your enquiry and assist you in the most efficient way that allows you, your business and the teams you employ to focus on what it is you do. Contact us today.

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