Public Sector

A tailored service designed to fit your organisation’s requirements and deliver the high levels of service you demand.

Services to meet your requirements and budget

Every year, budgets are getting tighter and savings need to be made. Nowhere is this more true than in the public sector where every penny spent is scrutinised.

Atalian Servest will tailor make a facilities management plan to suit your requirements and your budget, whilealways ensuring you are receiving the highest standards of service.

Ministry of Defence

Supporting the defence industry

Atalian Servest recognises the critical nature of the work undertaken by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and understands the importance of maintaining a safe working environment for personnel across the sector. Communication is fundamental to the efficient running of military establishments and Atalian Servest employs team members that understand the language, priorities and, where appropriate, the demands of the Duty Holders across Defence. Atalian Servest will invest in relationships and efficiently and effectively deliver what is required to allow you to focus on your core responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that there is a trusted and reliable team delivering your facilities management needs.

Central Government

Respecting the nation’s history

It is important to ensure the integrity of government buildings and institutions are maintained and the heritage of the nation is respected. The team at Atalian Servest has experience of offering facilities management services in venues and events of historical and national significance, and will work with you to ensure that the service offering aligns with the nature of location.

Local Authority

Delivering on your commitments

You have a commitment to the residents and businesses in your locality to provide a comfortable living and working environment. Atalian Servest will work alongside you to help you deliver this commitment. Atalian Servest understands you are responsible for many different services, buildings and public areas and will design a service plan that is right for your community.


Support with you at the centre.

Atalian Servest are a global solutions provider and we’re here to take your enquiry and assist you in the most efficient way that allows you, your business and the teams you employ to focus on what it is you do. Contact us today.

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