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Servest, Bi3 partner

By 14th August 2017Blog

Here’s a question and answer with Ryan Yeates, operations director, security systems at the contractor Servest. The company has gone into partnership with Business Insight 3 (Bi3).

Tell us more about the Servest / Business Insight 3 (Bi3) partnership?

Servest and Business Insight 3 (Bi3) share the same entrepreneurial foundation and both companies are driven by a spirit of innovation and inventiveness. The desire to be proactive, adaptive, flexible and, ultimately, original stems from the fact we exist to create custom, relevant solutions for a complex marketplace. Servest, as a facilities management service provider, has always placed people at the heart of the business. To that end, we believe in the power of relationships and human partnerships to create mutual success, as do Bi3. The Bi3 team are passionate about the on-going development, research and improvement of their product offering so it made sense to join forces. Both parties wanted to champion a new initiative to improve service line delivery and efficiency in the security sector; and by partnering up, we get to trial cutting-edge technology with our ever-expanding client base.

What kind of cutting-edge tech are you introducing to the market?

We’ve introduced several systems. Firstly, Bi3’s video analytics system offers the most intelligent method of detection in the marketplace. By intelligently analysing a scene, the video analytics system has the ability to drastically reduce the number of false alarms generated by a CCTV system. The pre-eminent security product, which can be retrofitted to any existing CCTV system, offers a more efficient way to manage resources. It will also provide clients with additional reassurance that their assets are safely protected.

At data and cash handling centres, we’re now using high-end IEE anti-tailgating technology, which can prevent unwanted visitors from following authorised personnel using the likes of fobs and key cards into buildings. This tech allows us to identify if there are people within a certain area and will prevent tailgating, as it’ll only let one person through at a time.

Facial recognition software is now used regularly either to identify if someone’s been banned from a particular venue, such as a shoplifters or problematic clientele in bars. Finally, we’re trialing facial marketing software too, even though this sits on the periphery of the standard security offering.

How can this tech improve efficiency?

Well, with facial marketing software, we’re essentially able to give retailers the insight they need about who’s coming into their store so they can run instantaneous direct marketing campaigns and measure the success or otherwise of their marketing spend. This tech can also immediately identify a customer’s demographic profile as soon as they step foot into the venue. This data then gets sent to the retailer, enabling them to display a targeted and tailored on-screen marketing message. For example, if someone’s wearing glasses, an advert might pop up for an optician. If a young male walks in shortly after, that same display could change to an advert for the latest, “must have” trainer brand. Like all the software we’re introducing, facial marketing software can be bolted on to existing CCTV system and it can easily reveal the number of customers in a store at any one time, in addition to return rates and spending habits per demographic, allowing retailers to adapt their marketing efforts accordingly.

Facial recognition software can be used in everything from high security passport control areas to nightclubs and bars. In a heartbeat, the tech can identify and alert establishments to unwelcome visitors. On the flip side it can also be used to recognise the most valued clients, or the VIP visitors to an establishment to help enhance the visit and increase spend. Finally, the video analytics system I mentioned considers various algorithms, such as body movement, that provides the end user with business critical insight, including information regarding health and safety, staff and site management.

Tell me more about the cutting-edge retail intelligence model: IMR (Insight Management Reports) software?

IMR software has been developed with input from Servest and Bi3’s key retail partners. The web based, open platform collects information and data from a multitude of in-store devices and presents them to a store manager to give an overview of how that business is running – including an insight into customer habits, sales conversion rates, queueing information and demographic profiling. This tech has revolutionised the retail security offering because there is now more detailed input and more accurate results. By further merging the spheres of technology and security, we can improve client experience by reducing costs while increasing quality.
What has the response been so far?

The response so far has been really positive. Regardless of the tech that’s being used, clients in every sector love that it can be added to current systems without any hassle. In retail environments, everyone’s so interested in facial marketing – in fact, we’ve been blown out of the water by the demand.

What’s next on the horizon? Are you working on or trialling any other innovations?

We don’t just work with an innovative business for the sake of it. We really care about innovation, but in the real sense of the world – as in cutting-edge technology and modern approaches that have the power to transform the security landscape for the better. We’re always exploring everything that’s coming out to the market that may benefit the end user. As such, we’re constantly investing in and trailing new things. We’re looking forward to working with more retailers and end users to develop more software. We really want to develop relationships by “mitigating risk through innovation”.

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