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Servest helps clients to celebrate World Environment Day

By 4th June 2014Uncategorised

Facilities management provider Servest Group is helping several clients celebrate World Environment Day (WED) on Thursday, 5th June by providing a WED themed menu and decorations at a number of sites catered for by Servest.

World Environment Day encourages worldwide awareness and action for the environment. This year’s theme is climate change in the Small Island Developing States (SIDS), in support of the United Nations designating 2014 as the International Year of SIDS. The aim is to encourage a greater understanding to help protect the islands in the face of growing risks and vulnerabilities, particularly as a result of climate change.

Servest will be serving menu items and even non-alcoholic cocktails inspired by traditional and local recipes from some of the small islands. Servest will also adorn the restaurants with decorations such as flags, banners and tropical paper flowers to help to create an exotic, celebratory atmosphere.

“These small islands face problems from climate change, waste management and unsustainable consumption to degradation of natural resources and extreme natural disasters in the midst of overpopulation and continuing industrialisation. Servest is keen to help to promote a greater understanding of the problems as part of delivering a quality catering offering.”

Martyn Stockwin, Regional Operations Director
for Catering Services at Servest, said: “We are delighted to help some of our clients celebrate and raise awareness of World Environment Day and would like to invite our customers to come and sample a taste of the small islands.

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