Welcome Back to Work – Tips for Line Managers


As line managers, we have a duty of care to our teams. We must continue to support the health and wellbeing of employees, whether they’re on furlough or returning to work. In fact, the need to provide robust wellbeing support is more important than ever before.

Staying alert and social distancing

Many may find that they are still coming to terms with the significant change that the world has seen, and the familiar workplace routines are going to feel significantly different. We need to ensure our teams are updated and kept in the loop to ensure a smooth and successful return to work and that we are managing this change effectively. Some of the steps that should be followed include;


  • Re-induction process for all staff returning to offices. Have a one to one meeting in advance of their return to work every employee, where the focus is placed on health, safety and well-being.  Ensure that this is a sensitive and open discussion to discuss any adjustments and/or ongoing support they may need to facilitate an effective return to the workplace.
  • Acknowledge and be open that the lockdown may have impacted mental health and wellbeing. This includes anxiety about the ongoing health crisis and fear of infection, as well social isolation due to the lockdown.
  • Be mindful that many will have experienced challenging domestic situations, such as juggling childcare or caring for a vulnerable relative, as well as financial worries. Some will have experienced illness, or bereavement. It is likely that most people will need a period of readjustment and compassion.
  • Make sure employees are clear about what rules and procedures they should follow both in the workplace and at home, especially if they begin to feel unwell.
  • Communicate the practical measures you are taking to staff on a regular basis to help reassure them that their health, well-being and safety is your top priority.
  • Make sure each member of your team understands their work group/rota as part of our workplace strategy to reduce office occupancy.
  • Nominate “Spotlight ambassadors” or “Champions” – so that peer to peer support becomes the norm and employees support each other during this time.

Although many of our employees will be returning to work, some colleagues will remain on furlough and taking steps to establish an inclusive culture that supports these colleagues is key.

  • Use every channel at your disposal to reach out to your furloughed workforce, including Whatsapp groups and social media.
  • Create a social buzz to keep furloughed employees connected using every platform available to you.
  • Continue to offer your teams Training and Development opportunities.
  • Advise your teams on the benefit of healthy lifestyles
  • All managers to have completed the Atalian World mental health course by 30/06/2020 ensuring their ability to provide robust mental health support