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Well-being day at Servest

By 19th February 2015News

Facilities management provider Servest Group is having its first official well-being day to promote well-being and good health among staff.

On Friday 20th February, staff at the head office in Bury St Edmunds can enjoy a range of free 30-minute holistic treatments. These include physiotherapy from IPRS physiotherapists as well as reiki head massage and reflexology from local therapists. Staff can also sample healthy food and juices as well as take home a free healthy recipe cookbook from Servest’s catering division.

The aim of the day is to enable staff to take steps to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. The day will allow for specific issues to be addressed such as stress, sitting posture and screen angles, which can contribute to back and neck pain.

The absence of well-being in the workplace is costly. The government’s Foresight Programme study on mental capital and well-being estimated that sick days, presenteeism (being present at work but contributing little added value to the business) and labour turnover cost the country about £26bn a year. Conversely, a happy and healthy workforce is a productive and innovative workforce.

C-J Green, group HR director at Servest, said: “Progressive businesses in every sector are realising how important the health and well-being of their employees is to the bottom line.

“I’d really encourage everyone at Bury St Edmunds to take some time away from their desk on Friday to enjoy a treatment and to get the most out of what’s on offer. We’re hoping that staff will come away from the day with a great sense of well-being and be better equipped to deal with any health issues.”

The well-being day is the first of its kind at Servest. If it is a success, it will hopefully be repeated and rolled out to the regional offices.

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