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Why use a single consultant for all your compliance needs

By 18th April 2017Blog, Energy & Compliance

As soon as you mention the word ‘compliance’ you will probably hear sighs of disinterest coming from every corner of the office. Though it is perhaps not the most exciting topic, maintaining the correct level of compliance can have significant benefits for your business. Whether you are small organisation or large enterprise, meeting the requirements of specified standards, regulations or legislation can be a lot to manage.

What does good look like?

Most businesses are aware of compliance, though not all understand what good looks like. In order to implement the appropriate measures, businesses must first establish what the optimum level of compliance should be for their premises. Fail to meet the minimum level of compliance and your business could be at risk of damaging its reputation and receiving a substantial fine. In 2016, two Essex based companies pleaded guilty to exposing their employees to potentially dangerous asbestos, and consequently were fined a combined £215,000. Conversely, becoming over compliant in a single area can lead to excessive financial and operational resources being committed, leaving other key areas exposed through lack of budget or time.

Maintaining a successful compliance plan in line with current regulations relies on effective communication. Simplifying information sharing, chains of communication and processes, especially between internal and external teams is an important step to ensuring the safety of your employees. Without the appropriate training, the duty holder responsible is unlikely to have the skills necessary to maintain and monitor compliance across your business. Managing preventative measures, procedures, risk assessments and much more, is a lot to ask of anyone who hasn’t been equipped with the skills or tools to do the job. Not to mention the risk they face of personal prosecution for failing to comply with safety legislation.

The challenges of maintaining compliance

A large part of compliance revolves around managing the ever-changing rules and regulations that govern industry and the impact they could have on your business. If you don’t know what the correct standard is, attaining the optimum level of compliance is virtually impossible.

Coordinating individual experts to advise you in all of these areas can be time consuming and expensive. With auditors looking for ‘due diligence’, a proactive and documented plan that addresses all aspects of compliance is no easy task.

Compliance dashboard screen

The benefits of using a single consultant

A single consultant can provide you with in depth knowledge, proactive support and a holistic view of your business’ compliance requirements. This single team of experts will help to streamline channels of communication, ensuring critical information is never misinterpreted and always acted upon. To make meeting requirements as pain-free as possible, a single consultant will also be able to provide a dashboard view, enabling you to easily maintain and monitor all aspects of your compliance.

With just one point of contact, you can quickly reduce the amount of time and money spent on managing individual experts. Working in partnership with a single consultant will allow one team to immerse themselves in your business, providing expert guidance that is tailored to your business and industry. Giving you peace of mind that your business’s reputation is always protected and you are never at risk of fines or penalties.

To find out more about compliance, or to learn how switching to a single compliance consultant could help your business, contact a member of Servest’s team here or on 07980 890897.

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