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Will Saunders – Future Leader


Completing his GCSE’s in 2015, Will was keen to take his first step into the world of work, taking on a part-time role for a well-known retail store. Will was aware of the importance of learning transferable skills for his future and saw this as an ideal opportunity. Continuing with his studies, Will gained three A-levels in business, geography and psychology.

Servest Experience

Fuelled by his interest in the world of business, Will first came to Servest in 2015 to complete work experience, where he spent time with the helpdesk, fleet, maintenance and distribution teams. Getting exposure in a number of teams helped Will’s understanding of the internal workings of a large company, which he applied in his A-level business course.

Impressed by his experience at Servest, Will returned in the summer of 2017 after completing his A-levels, to get exposure in other areas within the company. This time Will opted to sit in the sales and marketing teams, as these were areas that interested him the most during his studies and he wanted to get some first-hand experience.

During both sets of work experience, Will felt welcomed and found it a worthwhile use of his time as he learned how each team contributed to the successful running of the company. Will’s remarkable work ethic was recognised and he was offered an apprentice position as part of the Future Leader Programme. In his role as Development Support Apprentice, Will has the opportunity to gain hands-on sales experience, whilst working towards a BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management, which forms part of his Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Standard.

Looking to the Future

Will is excited to be part of Servest and is looking forward to starting his course at the University of East Anglia in January 2018. Ultimately, Will aims to complete his apprenticeship and use his qualification and experience to drive his career forward within Servest.

“Having the opportunity to gain a degree whilst working and earning is the perfect opportunity for me and I’m excited to get stuck in.” – Will

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